Take the Queensland Road Sign Test

Do you know what these signs mean?

Congratulations you’ve just got, or are almost about to get your learner license. Before you hit the roads, whether it’s with professional driving instructors in Brisbane, or with a licensed supervisor, are you up to speed with your road signs? While you might have seen a few of these in your theory test, here’s a few that you might have missed. Take the test and see how you do.

1. What does this sign represent?
a) Intersection Ahead
b) Hospital Ahead
c) Helicopter Landing Ahead

2. What does this sign represent?
a) Slippery Road Ahead
b) Steep Hill Ahead
c) Winding Road Ahead

3. This signs means?
a) Fork in the road ahead
b) Modified T-intersection ahead
c) Divided road ahead

4) When turning right at an intersection with this sign, you should?
a) Slow down and give way to all traffic including pedestrians crossing the road you are turning into,
b) Give way only to traffic on your right
c) Come to a complete stop and give way to all pedestrians and vehicles

5) What does this sign mean?
a) Do not stand during the hours of 8:30am-4:30pm
b) You can only park short term in the space covered by the sign
c) Do not stop in the space covered by the sign
d) Do not speed

6) This signs means?
a) Stop completely then slowly accelerate
b) One way street ahead
C) Stop sign ahead.

7) What does this sign mean?
a) Road ends, turn around
b) Sharp bend to the right
c) U turns allowed
1. Intersection Ahead
2. Winding Road Ahead
3. Divided Road Ahead
4. A)
5. C)
6. Stop Sign Ahead
7. Sharp bend to the right

How did you do? When it comes to the rules of the road and safe driving techniques we are the driving school with all the answers. Call today and get on the get the answers to gain your license and with it complete independence. 1300 885 585.

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