Parents bad driving habits given to kids in ‘tense’ lessons

Many heated moments have been had between kids and their parents when learning to drive. But it’s actually one of the most dangerous places to have an argument. Often parents feel stressed, anxious and these emotions transfer to their kids, ultimately affecting concentration and taking attention away from the roads. The worst thing about this pressure and stress is that it could be ruining your child’s ability to feel confident on the roads, and may even hinder their desire for further lessons and driving practice. 

While this might not even seem like such a bad thing for the parents who find often find giving lessons a point of tension between them and their kids, the need to stay calm and teach good habits is fundamental for parents teaching their kids to drive effectively.  The example that parents set and the way they handle stressful situations on the roads is ultimately what their kids will pick up.  There is much research which shows that teenagers often learn bad habits from their parents while on the roads. To bring awareness to these, A Grade Driving School shares a list of common list of these bad habits that parents may need to self-assess.

1.     Using mobile phones and other devices when driving.

2.     Telling kids to hold the steering wheel at 10 and 2. This does not give the best control of the vehicle despite what has been formerly taught. Some parents also set a poor example by not holding the wheel in both hands or having the elbow out the window while driving.

3.     Not signalling properly (especially on roundabouts including when exiting)

4.     Not wearing seatbelts consistently.

5.     Failing to check mirrors when merging and reverse parking.

6.     Consistently exceeding speed limits in residential areas and school zones.

7.     Swearing at other motorists, using the horn, and other displays of road rage.

Getting frustrated at your kids on the roads for the things they probably learned from you WILL NOT make them a better driver. Neither will dwelling on their mistakes. The fact is mistakes happen when learning to drive and parents need to remember to accept this truth and remain calm.  Getting anxious and stressed at each mistake will just lead to tension on the roads, will not help your teenager learn, and can even damage their confidence.

For this reason professional driving lessons with a driving instructor can identify and correct bad habits before they become entrenched – all in a calm and supportive environment. Many parents also find it much easier (and less stressful) to continue giving driving lessons once their kids have picked up some of the basics after having a few professional lessons with a certified driving instructor.

Don’t let bad habits define the way your kids drive. Give them a good foundation right from the beginning with driving lessons from A Grade Driving School. Call us today on 1300 885 585.

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