Learners Caught Falsifying Logbooks Face Penalties

Learner Driver Logbook

At A Grade Driving School we strive to create a positive learning environment while providing constructive feedback and ongoing support to our learner drivers. We believe this to be the best and most effective approach in educating young drivers, rather than resorting to over critiquing and lecturing.
With that said, today’s article is serious in nature in that we would like to stress the importance of the log book system and gaining the required 100 hours driving experience before sitting the practical exam. While one hundred hours might seem a huge amount, the figure has been developed with safety in mind so learners can gain an appropriate amount of practical experience in a variety of conditions.

A recent article in the Sunday Mail has highlighted the growing trend where learners are applying for exemptions to have these hours reduced as well as instances where learners are forging logbook entries and fabricating situations where they have been ‘unable’ to gain the required experience.

More experience means safer drivers and safer roads

Despite the fact that gaining 100 hours experience can be time consuming, here at A Grade Driving School we believe gaining adequate experience is absolutely necessary in equipping beginner drivers with the needed skills to drive safely under different circumstances. RACQ safety advisors told the Sunday Mail they also backed the logbook system, citing research which has shown logbooks improve learner driver safety.

Falsifiers Beware – It could cost you

If increased safety and better driving ability isn’t motivation enough to complete the required 100 hours, tough penalties for falsified logbooks may prove to be a deterrent with fines of up to $6600. While no prosecutions were recorded last year, more than 8000 incomplete logbooks were returned to learner drivers. Professional driving lessons have proven effective to gain extra experience, since a one hour professional driving lesson with a qualified instructor accounts for 3 hours of regular logbook experience. Because of this, a few professional driving lessons can quickly make a difference in gaining the required hours.

The reasoning behind the logbook system is not to make it difficult for learner drivers but to protect and help them gain the required experience before flying solo on the roads. Applying for exemptions and falsifying logbook entries can undermine the purpose of the system. Since logbooks and the graduated driving system was introduced in 2007 there has been a marked decrease in reported decreases of young drivers in serious crashes which is down from figures in 2006 before the system was introduced.

A Grade Driving School helps learner drivers gain valuable experience across Brisbane by equipping them with confidence and the skills they need to pass the practical exam in a positive and supportive learning environment. Please call 1300 885 585 to speak with one of our instructors and to arrange a professional driving lesson today.

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