What are the laws for learner drivers in Queensland?

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When talking about the road rules for learner and provisional licenses, there is often a certain amount of confusion on the exact laws, partly because the legislation frequently has changed, and also because laws differ slightly from state to state. To set the record straight, A Grade Driving School, one of Brisbane most reputable and established driving schools have detailed the laws surrounding learner drivers for Queensland in our latest post which are comparable to the legislation in other states, but with some slight differences.

• Young people can apply for their learners permit at 16 years.
• Learner drivers must hold their learners permit for at least 1 year before they can sit the practical exam to gain their provisional license.
• Learner drivers who are under 25 years of age must gain 100 hours of recorded logbook driving experience before being able to sit the practical driving exam
• While all drivers are not permitted to use a hand held mobile while driving, learners and drivers on provisional licenses under 25 years are also restricted from using hands free devices, headsets and using the loudspeaker function on their mobile phone
• To gain a learner motorcycle license, the driver must have gained a provisional license or full license in another form (heavy vehicle, private car) for at least a full year.
• L Plates must be displayed clearly by learner drivers at all times when they are on the roads
• A learner driver must be accompanied by a driver who has held their open license for more than 1 year at all times when operating a vehicle.
• All learner and provisional drivers must maintain a zero blood alcohol reading while operating a vehicle.

Learners who gain experience through formal driving lessons with a certified instructor are more than 3 times more likely to gain their provisional license on the first attempt. A one hour lesson with a certified instructor also counts for 3 hours of experience in a logbook making professional driving lessons a valuable asset for any driver who is learning the rules of the road. To book a driving lesson with A Grade Driving School, one of Brisbane’s most established professional driving schools – Phone 1300 885 585.

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