10 Lesser Known, Obscure Queensland Road Rules

Following some well publicised and recent criticism of road rules where Queensland drivers we’re slapped with fines for rules they didn’t know existed, we’ve tracked down a list of the some of the confusing, lesser known and obscure road laws that you might be breaking without even realising!

While the enforcement of many of these is likely to be lax, it’s often not worth taking your chances, especially with some sharp eyed traffic police officers on the lookout hoping to make their monthly targets.  Continue reading

Car Buying Advice for Learner Drivers

You’ll always remember your first car. Maybe it was the sense of freedom as it finally meant you didn’t need to rely on your folks anymore. Maybe it was a memorable first date on the backseat. Maybe you remember it purely because it was completely all yours!

Hopefully the reasons you remember your first car are good ones, and not because you wrote it off from too few driving lessons or because you bought a lemon. Let the following points be your guide to smart first car buying – brought to you by A Grade Driving School. Continue reading