Parents bad driving habits given to kids in ‘tense’ lessons

Many heated moments have been had between kids and their parents when learning to drive. But it’s actually one of the most dangerous places to have an argument. Often parents feel stressed, anxious and these emotions transfer to their kids, ultimately affecting concentration and taking attention away from the roads. The worst thing about this pressure and stress is that it could be ruining your child’s ability to feel confident on the roads, and may even hinder their desire for further lessons and driving practice.  Continue reading

Ten Rules for Parents Supervising a Learner Driver

As well as having driving lessons with professional driving instructors, much of the lessons young learner drivers will have will be in the ‘hot seat’ next to their parents. In the early stages of the learning to drive, the can be a particularly stressful time for learners and their parents. However, it can be made even worse by parents who quickly forget some of the basics when supervising a learner driver. Brought to you by Brisbane’s long established A-Grade Driving School, let this list be your reminder… Continue reading

Helping young drivers behind the wheel – tips and strategies for the instructor

It’s an unfortunate truth that not all driving teachers are created equal. Due to differing personalities some instructors are more prone to stress, while others might think they are helping a young driver when their approach can discourage and even hinder learning of a beginner driver. Here at A-Grade Driving School we’ve put together a list of strategies to equip parents and other non-professional instructors when conducting driving lessons. Continue reading