Our Driving Etiquette Wish List

Driver etiquette is an interesting and sometimes controversial topic that everyone seems to have an opinion on. This includes none other than our favourite family man, Sunrise’s very own David Koch who blogged about his pet peeves while on the road. But we’ll spare you another whinge about the ‘good old days’ when motorists were nicer. Instead we’ve put together our wish list of what we envisage a utopian driving society to look like. Continue reading

Learners Caught Falsifying Logbooks Face Penalties

Learner Driver Logbook

At A Grade Driving School we strive to create a positive learning environment while providing constructive feedback and ongoing support to our learner drivers. We believe this to be the best and most effective approach in educating young drivers, rather than resorting to over critiquing and lecturing.
With that said, today’s article is serious in nature in that we would like to stress the importance of the log book system and gaining the required 100 hours driving experience before sitting the practical exam. While one hundred hours might seem a huge amount, the figure has been developed with safety in mind so learners can gain an appropriate amount of practical experience in a variety of conditions. Continue reading

Why might you consider manual driving lessons?

Here at A-Grade Driving School, we really take pride in not only teaching our students what they need to do to drive safely on the road, but also to teach them why they should do it. By doing our driving lessons this way, we hope to provide all of our driving students in Brisbane, Logan and beyond with a thorough understanding of their automobile and the world around them. In today’s blog post, we will continue this education by answering one of the more popular questions which we receive here at A- Grade – that is of course:

‘Why should I bother driving a manual??’

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Find a driving instructor in Brisbane

Finding a good driving instructor Brisbane can be a challenge, a good instructor will not just teach you how to drive by telling you what you are doing wrong, you’re instructor will help you understand what you are doing right. For some people the thought of learning to drive can be very stressful. If you find the right instructor that can adapt their teaching methods to best reflect the way you learn, driving will become fun and no longer be stressful.

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