Where is the most difficult driving test in the world?

Think getting your driver’s license is difficult here in Brisbane? Spare a thought for many other countries where getting your driver’s license is not only a long process, but also extremely costly. Even with the recent announcement that driving tests in Queensland are set to get tougher, going for your license in the countries below is a whole different kettle of fish. We bring to you the 5 toughest jurisdictions in the world to pass the driving test. Continue reading

Tips to Remember Before Taking the Practical Driving Test in Brisbane

Here at A Grade Driving School we are committed to equipping learner drivers with all the necessary skills to ensure they go into their practical driving exam with the best possible chance of success. While some of the tips below may seem obvious these can often be forgotten under the intense pressure of the driving test. Here are some top tips to help ensure you pass your driving test with flying colours. Continue reading