Learner drivers safest, while P Platers most at risk: study


It may come as a surprise for some, but L platers statistically represent the safest group of drivers around the world! This says something about the benefits of supervised driving, and the work of all the fantastic driving instructors out there.

However, what paints less of a pretty picture is a statistic that we’re unfortunately far more familiar with – P platers who graduate from being a learner driver then become the most at risk group of drivers on our roads and are over represented in road fatalities in Brisbane and around Australia.   Continue reading

Learning to drive from the passenger seat

Even if you don’t yet have your L plates, or finding a supervisor for some practical experience is proving difficult, there is still some valuable learning by observation that can be undertaken from the passenger seat. Every time you sit in a car, it’s an opportunity to observe what the driver and other motorists on the road are doing. As good observation is one of the primary cornerstones of good driving, A Grade Driving School share some observation exercises for learner drivers that they can undertake whenever they are on the road. Continue reading

Ten Rules for Parents Supervising a Learner Driver

As well as having driving lessons with professional driving instructors, much of the lessons young learner drivers will have will be in the ‘hot seat’ next to their parents. In the early stages of the learning to drive, the can be a particularly stressful time for learners and their parents. However, it can be made even worse by parents who quickly forget some of the basics when supervising a learner driver. Brought to you by Brisbane’s long established A-Grade Driving School, let this list be your reminder… Continue reading

Tougher tests on the way for QLD learner drivers

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Learner drivers can expect tougher practical driving tests after the Queensland Government’s transport division announced changes to the format of practical driving tests in Queensland beginning next year. In May, state transport minister Scott Emerson announced that the changes to the Q-SAFE driving test would make it tougher to get a license with the aim to produce better young drivers, a group who continue to be statistically overrepresented in road fatalities. Continue reading

What are the laws for learner drivers in Queensland?

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When talking about the road rules for learner and provisional licenses, there is often a certain amount of confusion on the exact laws, partly because the legislation frequently has changed, and also because laws differ slightly from state to state. To set the record straight, A Grade Driving School, one of Brisbane most reputable and established driving schools have detailed the laws surrounding learner drivers for Queensland in our latest post which are comparable to the legislation in other states, but with some slight differences. Continue reading

Helping young drivers behind the wheel – tips and strategies for the instructor

It’s an unfortunate truth that not all driving teachers are created equal. Due to differing personalities some instructors are more prone to stress, while others might think they are helping a young driver when their approach can discourage and even hinder learning of a beginner driver. Here at A-Grade Driving School we’ve put together a list of strategies to equip parents and other non-professional instructors when conducting driving lessons. Continue reading

Common Mistakes Learner Drivers Make

Here at A Grade Driving School we understand that learning to drive can be both a stressful and nerve wracking experience – especially at the beginning. When taking driving lessons, learners can feel under pressure in the driver’s seat and because of this can forget important road rules and observation requirements. These might seem like small mistakes, but are often the difference between safe driving and dangerous situations occurring on the road. For this reason we’ve put together a list of common mistakes made by learners to help make new drivers aware of these errors and to reinforce their responsibilities on the road. They are as follows: Continue reading

Tips to Remember Before Taking the Practical Driving Test in Brisbane

Here at A Grade Driving School we are committed to equipping learner drivers with all the necessary skills to ensure they go into their practical driving exam with the best possible chance of success. While some of the tips below may seem obvious these can often be forgotten under the intense pressure of the driving test. Here are some top tips to help ensure you pass your driving test with flying colours. Continue reading

Why might you consider manual driving lessons?

Here at A-Grade Driving School, we really take pride in not only teaching our students what they need to do to drive safely on the road, but also to teach them why they should do it. By doing our driving lessons this way, we hope to provide all of our driving students in Brisbane, Logan and beyond with a thorough understanding of their automobile and the world around them. In today’s blog post, we will continue this education by answering one of the more popular questions which we receive here at A- Grade – that is of course:

‘Why should I bother driving a manual??’

Continue reading

Are you planning on taking automatic driving lessons?

Well according to a recent article in the Herald Sun, you are not alone. In quite an interesting study by the team at the Sydney-based Herald Sun, they found that nearly 9 out of 10 new drivers are opting to go for their automatic license instead of taking manual driving lessons. These are obviously quite dramatic figures, so in today’s blog post our team at Brisbane’s A-Grade Driving School will put the spotlight on this phenomenon. Continue reading