Learner drivers safest, while P Platers most at risk: study


It may come as a surprise for some, but L platers statistically represent the safest group of drivers around the world! This says something about the benefits of supervised driving, and the work of all the fantastic driving instructors out there.

However, what paints less of a pretty picture is a statistic that we’re unfortunately far more familiar with – P platers who graduate from being a learner driver then become the most at risk group of drivers on our roads and are over represented in road fatalities in Brisbane and around Australia.   Continue reading

Take the Queensland Road Sign Test

Do you know what these signs mean?

Congratulations you’ve just got, or are almost about to get your learner license. Before you hit the roads, whether it’s with professional driving instructors in Brisbane, or with a licensed supervisor, are you up to speed with your road signs? While you might have seen a few of these in your theory test, here’s a few that you might have missed. Take the test and see how you do. Continue reading

Our Driving Instructors are the best in Brisbane!

If you have been searching for a quality team of driving instructors in the Brisbane region, look no further than our amazing group at A Grade Driving School. Over the years we have developed quite a reputation, due to our superior care and skills which we pass on to every single one of our clients. In today’s article, we will run through a few of the greater elements of our company that has allowed us to achieve such success. Continue reading