Parents bad driving habits given to kids in ‘tense’ lessons

Many heated moments have been had between kids and their parents when learning to drive. But it’s actually one of the most dangerous places to have an argument. Often parents feel stressed, anxious and these emotions transfer to their kids, ultimately affecting concentration and taking attention away from the roads. The worst thing about this pressure and stress is that it could be ruining your child’s ability to feel confident on the roads, and may even hinder their desire for further lessons and driving practice.  Continue reading

Learning to drive from the passenger seat

Even if you don’t yet have your L plates, or finding a supervisor for some practical experience is proving difficult, there is still some valuable learning by observation that can be undertaken from the passenger seat. Every time you sit in a car, it’s an opportunity to observe what the driver and other motorists on the road are doing. As good observation is one of the primary cornerstones of good driving, A Grade Driving School share some observation exercises for learner drivers that they can undertake whenever they are on the road. Continue reading

Ten Rules for Parents Supervising a Learner Driver

As well as having driving lessons with professional driving instructors, much of the lessons young learner drivers will have will be in the ‘hot seat’ next to their parents. In the early stages of the learning to drive, the can be a particularly stressful time for learners and their parents. However, it can be made even worse by parents who quickly forget some of the basics when supervising a learner driver. Brought to you by Brisbane’s long established A-Grade Driving School, let this list be your reminder… Continue reading

Our Driving Etiquette Wish List

Driver etiquette is an interesting and sometimes controversial topic that everyone seems to have an opinion on. This includes none other than our favourite family man, Sunrise’s very own David Koch who blogged about his pet peeves while on the road. But we’ll spare you another whinge about the ‘good old days’ when motorists were nicer. Instead we’ve put together our wish list of what we envisage a utopian driving society to look like. Continue reading

The 5 Worst Driving Habits

bad driving habits

Here at A Grade Driving School, we’ve seen more than a few bad driving habits when out on the roads. However with that said, in our experience learner drivers are often not the ones most responsible for the bulk of bad driving habits. Instead it’s experienced drivers who have had more time to form these habits and are some of the biggest culprits of our top five worst driving habits. Since helping drivers to form good driving habits is one of our top priorities here we’d like to share bad driving behaviours that learners can be aware of and avoid when on the roads. Continue reading

Learners Caught Falsifying Logbooks Face Penalties

Learner Driver Logbook

At A Grade Driving School we strive to create a positive learning environment while providing constructive feedback and ongoing support to our learner drivers. We believe this to be the best and most effective approach in educating young drivers, rather than resorting to over critiquing and lecturing.
With that said, today’s article is serious in nature in that we would like to stress the importance of the log book system and gaining the required 100 hours driving experience before sitting the practical exam. While one hundred hours might seem a huge amount, the figure has been developed with safety in mind so learners can gain an appropriate amount of practical experience in a variety of conditions. Continue reading