Need Manual or Automatic Lessons? A Grade Driving School Proves Perfect for Learners in Logan!

It’s a debate that’s decades in the making: manual or automatic? Both have their supporters and both certainly have their detractors, with each side making your decision all the more difficult. Which do you choose when taking learner driving lessons in Logan? Which would serve you best? A Grade Diving School suggests doing a little research first. Let us explain the advantages of manual driving lessons in Logan and automatic driving lessons in Logan, helping you jump-start your engine education.

A Grade Driving School: About Us

A Grade Driving School is the leading instruction centre in Queensland, offering manual and auto driving lessons to Logan, Brisbane, Ipswich, Browns Plains, Beenleigh, Sunnybank Hills, and Forest Lake. We rely only on the latest models (all of which are air-conditioned) and provide a friendly environment for both beginners and those wishing to prepare for their P-Plate exams. We also provide insight into the great debate of manual versus automatic.

Manual Transmission: Advantages

When considering manual driving lessons in Logan you should first understand both the process and its benefits. A manual transmission utilises a clutch-system, with a foot-pedal controlling the connection between the drive shaft and the line shaft. This engages the engine and distributes torque. To accomplish this vehicles rely on a variety of gearshift designs, including: floor-mounted shifters, console-mounted shifters, and finger shifts. Those scheduling learner driving lessons in Logan will find two distinct advantages to manual transmissions:

Better Mileage

Vehicles with manual transmissions lack the heavy internal hardware of their automatic siblings. This makes them lighter and more fuel-efficient.

Better Control

Mastering the stick shift ensures total control over a vehicle. Drivers can determine which gears best suit each environment and ensure that no engine power is wasted.

Automatic Transmission: Advantages

Automatic driving lessons in Logan are steadily growing – and with good reason. These transmissions (which are controlled by a series of sensors and fluid couplers that instantly adjust to changing environments, delivering necessary torque to engines) are becoming popular in Queensland, with more international brands now available and local manufacturers introducing them into their inventories.

Those seeking auto driving lessons in Logan will discover two advantages to this format:

Greater Ease

Automatic transmissions effortlessly adapt to any road, allowing drivers to focus on more than clutch positions.

Greater Acceleration

Automatic transmissions provide seamless acceleration, constantly engaging the engine and maintaining proper levels of torque multiplication.

A Grade Driving School: Providing Learner Driving Lessons in Logan

Manual or automatic? Choosing between them requires both an understanding of your personal preferences and your desired car. Research each thoroughly before making a decision – and then schedule manual driving lessons in Logan or automatic driving lessons in Logan at A Grade Driving School. Our helpful instructors will be happy to provide the support you need and prepare you for the many miles ahead. To learn more about manual or auto driving lessons in Logan contact us today!