10 Lesser Known, Obscure Queensland Road Rules

Following some well publicised and recent criticism of road rules where Queensland drivers we’re slapped with fines for rules they didn’t know existed, we’ve tracked down a list of the some of the confusing, lesser known and obscure road laws that you might be breaking without even realising!

While the enforcement of many of these is likely to be lax, it’s often not worth taking your chances, especially with some sharp eyed traffic police officers on the lookout hoping to make their monthly targets. 

1.     Holding a phone is any way is illegal while driving. If it’s not hands free you could be slapped with a fine – even if it’s for legitimate navigation using the in-built GPS.

2.     Failing to indicate when exiting off a round-about can cost you 100.00.

3.     Smoking in a vehicle with a child less than 16 years of age can now see the enforcement of penalties if it attracts the attention of a traffic officer.

4.     A forty dollar fine applies if you fail to secure your vehicle properly. This includes leaving the window down more than 5cm, in what has been one of the most recent controversial laws that people have been drawn attention to.

5.     You must stop at a yellow light unless it’s not safe to do so. Failure to do this can see a whopping 300.00 fine and 3 demerit points.

6.     Overtaking a vehicle with a ‘do not overtake turning vehicle’ sign while turning can cost two demerit points and a 140.00 fine.

7.     From this year it will also be law for motorists to give cyclists at least a 1 metre space when overtaking with penalties applying if this is neglected.

8.     Pedestrians who are not using a footpath must walk (or run) on the side of the road in the direction of oncoming traffic. (The right side of the road) or be faced with a small penalty.

9.     It’s often misunderstood that motorists merging onto roads where lanes are marked have right of way. In reality those who are merging must give way to traffic already in the lane.

10. Pets on your lap are another driving no-no. Pets need to be secured in a harness or small pet carrier.

Other things that can see you slapped with a fine:

  • Using Fog lights when there is no fog.
  • Using your horn in frustration.
  • Flashing lights to warn other motorists of nearby police


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