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Our Rochedale Driving Instructors have Years of Experience

When learning to drive a car, it’s vital that the driving instructor be highly experienced in both operating a car as well as in teaching how to do so. If you live in and around Rochedale and need driving lessons we will make sure you can pass your licence examination on the first attempt. Our Rochedale driving instructor ensures that the manouvers required in the test become second nature. We offer fantastic prices on our different packaged options.

Auto and Manual Driving Lessons Available

No driver instructor would want to teach a student in anything but the best cars and A Grade Driving School has them in abundance. Our driving instructor in Rochedale uses both automatic and manual cars, and you can rest assured the car itself will be of the latest model and maintained in peak mechanical condition. While in your car and receiving your driving lessons, your instructor will be beside you, teaching in an easy-going, consultative manner sure to put you at ease.

Booking With Us

A Grade Driving School itself offers online bookings through an enquiry or you can call us. Our hourly rates are among the most affordable in Queensland. We have gift card options available if you wish to book on behalf of someone else, such as a grand child. It’s often best that your initial lessons in safely operating a car be undertaken in safe environments, and our driving instructor in Rochedale knows the best locations to match the level of driving. Contact our Rochedale Driving school to book today.

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