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At A Grade Driving School we have brought together a group of highly experienced and skilful instructors. We know the driving industry and understand how to impart the best of driving knowledge so you can get your drivers licence sooner.

A big part of our lessons is encouraging you to break old habits that are easily developed when learning off family and friends. We replace these with good, safe habits all with the aim of making you the best driver we can.

Great Driving Lessons

Lessons are taught around your local suburbs so you can feel comfortable in your surroundings and importantly learn to drive to local conditions. We also incorporate more difficult driving scenarios into each lesson with obvious consideration to how comfortable you are behind the wheel.

Get Your Car Licence

We cater to both automatic and manual car licence lessons with the intention of ensuring you leave every lesson with a new skill. We can then show you how to incorporate these skills in real world scenarios to help mould you into a safe and relaxed road user.

Qualified Instructors

With both male and female driving instructors, all of whom are accredited Queensland driving instructors and have been teaching lessons for many years.

All of our lessons are structured to encourage a feeling of confidence behind the wheel no matter how much driving you have done. The lessons are simple in their approach and are taught in a patient and understanding way.

With some of the most competitive prices around we offer fantastic value for money with our complete lesson structure. A Grade Driving School will have you on the road sooner for less.

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$65 per hour

5 hour package $60 per hour

Pre-test Lesson + Test Car Hire $170

(Transport Department Booking Fees Not Included)

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